Have you ever wondered just who are the members of Na Koa Football Club?  Well they come from all walks of life, range widely in ages and come from all over the country.  The common thread is that they are all passionate supporters of Warrior Football.  Today we begin a series where we meet the members of Na Koa.  Our first profile is of Kim Fujiuchi.

Name/Hometown:  Kim Fujiuchi/Hilo, Hawaii

Current City: Honolulu

Company/Position:  Na Koa Football Club, Executive Director

Name one thing you’re passionate about.  Tailgating at UH football games

What’s the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled to and what made it interesting?  Scotland.  The people, the history and the castles.

One thing that most people don’t know about you:  I love castles.

When did you join Na Koa and why did you join?  Why would you encourage a UH football fan to join Na Koa?  Joined Na Koa this year.  Your dollars go directly to supporting the Warrior Football program.

What is your favorite memory of University of Hawaii Football?  Arriving in Boston at a sports bar to find that UH had returned the kick off for a touchdown against BYU.  And, listening to the people around talk about Timmy Chang in amazement – I didn’t think anyone paid attention to UH football beyond the West Coast!