Name/Hometown:  Mei Ling Chun

Current City:  Honolulu,HI

Company/Position:  Retired from Northern Arizona University; currently fun-employed.

Who is your role model and why?  I’ve had many role models and mentors over the years. One of the first was Charles Campbell, the originator of political sign-waving inHawai’i, who hired me for a summer soliciting jobs for teens, and pairing the students with employers. I learned from Mr. Campbell to see the potential in people and situations, as well as gaining an appreciation for community service. 

Name one thing you’re passionate about.  Seeing students graduate from college.

What is the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled to and what made it the most interesting?   Guangzhou,China. My paternal grandmother was raised there after being born here in Honolulu. Her father was very progressive and sent her to school at the (pre-Communist named)Chen Family Temple in Guangzhou. Armed with that education, she taught school until moving back to Hawai’i. It was nice to visit the origin of that educational “seed” in our family on a tour of China in 1993. 

One thing that most people don’t know about you.  I played Topsy in a production of “The King and I.”  My son was involved in light opera productions when in high school, so I auditioned for a part in “The King and I” to make memories with him. I sang as one of the wives, and was Topsy in the “Small House of Uncle Thomas.” 

When did you join Na Koa and why did you join? Why would you encourage a UH football fan to join Na Koa?  I only started following the Warriors in 2007 from the mainland. I kept up with UH football through Stephen Tsai’s “Warrior Beat” blog.  When I moved back to Honoluluto be closer to family in 2008, I became a season ticket-holding Tsaiko. I joined Na Koa in 2009 in order to support the student-athletes through summer school.

Who is your all-time favorite University of Hawaii football player?   ‘Ikaika Mahoe, defensive lineman 2008-2010, from Moku o Keawe. I met ‘Ikaika when he was a Freshman at NAU and I was the Hawaiian club advisor. He transferred back to Hawai’i after a couple of years, and saw some playing time.  

What is your favorite memory of University of Hawaii Football?  On September 26, 1992, I was lucky enough to catch the UH-BYU game on TV! Standing in a dark living room in AZ, it was probably 1 a.m., and I was jumping up & down trying not to wake my husband and son who were asleep.