Our member spotlight is on Mike Biscotti who played quarterback for the University of Hawaii from 1970 to 72 and is now a member of Na Koa’s board of directors.

Name/Hometown: Gardena, California

Current City: Ewa Beach, HI

Company/Position: Hoakalei Country Club/General Manager

Who is your role model and why? I have several people who I look up to and who have helped me develop personally and professionally, but Stan Smith, my high school coach at Gardena High is someone who means a lot to me.  He was tough, demanding, fair, giving and very passionate about developing high school kids into young men.  He taught me how to overcome adversity as well as how to compete and be a winner.  He could have been a successful head coach at any college program in the country but he enjoyed being a high school coach and a very successful one.  

Name one thing you’re passionate about. I am passionate about strengthening the relationship between all former UH football players, the football program and Na Koa.  I believe keeping the former players connected to the program is the foundation for all highly successful Division I college football programs.

What is the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled to and what made it the most interesting?  I am not a big traveler, but I would have to say the Grand Canyon inArizona.  It is a sight that you cannot describe but have to see.

One thing that most people don’t know about you. The Pop Warner football team I played on when I was 10 years old raised money to travel to Hawaii to play.  I remember saying to myself that it would be great to go to college at the University of Hawaiiand play football and that thought became a reality. 

When did you join Na Koa and why did you join?  I became a Na Koa member about two years ago because once I understood how important the money raised by Na Koa was needed to offset the financial needs of the program, it made it easy to write the check.  

Why would you encourage a UH football fan to join Na Koa?  The University and the State of Hawaiido not provide all the required funds to support all the financial needs of a major Division I football program.  If the people of the state of Hawaii want the program to survive and be competitive, they to have financially support it at a much higher level.   

Who is your all-time favorite University of Hawaii football player? As a former player I have several great teammates but the one that stands out is Jim Kalili.  He played offensive guard and could have started for any college team in the country.  He was a soft-spoken leader who led by example and with a lot of class and respected by all his teammates.

What is your favorite memory of University of Hawaii Football? I have several but there are two that top the list and a third that I am proud of.  Having the opportunity to play against the National Champions, University of Nebraska in 1971 in Honolulu Stadium; and the other was playing against the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1972 in front of the 5th largest crowd in UT history at that time.  The last thing is the three years I played quarterback for the University of Hawaii, our team record was 24-9.