On Friday, April 20th, Coach Norm Chow and Defensive Coordinator, Thom Kaumeyer, traveled to Maui with Na Koa Executive Director Kim Fujiuchi, to attend a fundraiser.  The very quickly assembled fundraiser was organized by Senate President Shan Tsutsui, Representative Kyle Yamashita, Saedene and Ken Ota, Tony Takitani, Eric Matsuda, and Clay Sutherland. 

UH Regent Saedene Ota and her husband, Ken, kindly opened their home for the event where 25-30 of Maui’s business and community leaders gathered to show their support of the Warrior Football Program.  Through individual donations and a few live auction items, approximately $17,000 was raised that evening.

The next day, Saturday, April 21st, Na Koa hosted a membership tent at the War Memorial Stadium where the football team held their annual Neighbor Island practice.  Membership and Events Coordinator, Joyce Lau, staffed the tent with help from Cordy MacLaughlin, Regional Director of Development for the UH Foundation.  We spoke with a number of people who attended the event, and raised another $1,000 through donations and memberships!