“Do we have what it takes to win?”  UH Head Football Coach Norm Chow was asked pointedly at the Na Koa lunch meeting at the Willows Restaurant on Monday, August 27.

Without hesitation he replied, “Our players have done everything we have asked of them, but is that enough to win? “I think so, but we’ll see.” 

Chow said USC has tremendous talent, but if our players give 100% . . .the football is oblong and bounces funny.  I feel good about our team.  In any case it is a tremendous opportunity to show what we are all about.

Chow is impressing upon the players not to be concerned about the venue, the field is 100 yards long just like everywhere else.  We just cannot give up explosive plays, we have to make USC earn their way down the field. 

Chow will call the offensive plays and believes the pass/run ratio has to end up at 50/50 otherwise the defense will know what is inclined to be called in the base plays.  He said we have a game plan and the first thing is you have to play great defense.

Our D line is young, but we have some studs there.  Paipai (Falemalu) is our lone senior.  The O line is also young with two Freshmen, two Sophomores and one Junior.  In fact, Miah (Ostrowski) is the sole senior on offense.

The previous staff did a nice recruiting job.

David Cutcliffe, the Duke coach told Coach Chow “you have got to see this guy,” in reference to QB Sean Schroeder, the transfer from Duke.   Chow knew the Cutcliffe while he was working with the Titans and Cutcliffe was at University of Tennessee, yet wondered why such a talent would want to transfer.  Duke”s starter is an NFL prospect.

Recruiting is nothing more than working at it, and Chow says they will continue to do so even if a recruit has already committed elsewhere.  We have to online casino convince them to stay home, show them they can get a good education here and play good football here. 

Chow wants to establish a Warrior Walk where the players depart the bus and walk to the stadium through 50 yards of screaming fans, families, and supporters to pump up the team.  Information on what time this to take place is forthcoming.  Every school has some sort of walk and we want to have that too.

Efforts abound to get boosters and students back into the seats.  Chow always reminisces about how terrifying it was to come into Aloha Stadium with 50,000 screaming fanatics, how it affected his visiting teams.  He wants that back and is working with students to address their concerns like being denied good seats.

Support is the name of the game and Chow points out that a school’s success is determined by donations, and the success of donations is determined by the football program.  Evidence USC.  That is why we need support.

Written by Gareth Sakakida