Three goals were appointed to the UH Warrior football team in their game against the USC Trojans:

1.  Do not give up explosive plays;

2.  Control the ball on offense; and

3.  Play hard until the end.

“I think we accomplished one of those goals” said Hawaii Head Coach Norm Chow.  His comments on the goals follow.

“We gave up too many explosive plays.  For example, against a good team like USC,  all it took was one player to be out of his lane on the kickoff and they take advantage of that for a TD return.

We could not possess the ball long enough in the first half.  To gain possession time you need to convert 40% of your third down plays, we did get 44% in the second half.  We told the players the score was 0-0 going into the second half and I think we did well.

I told the players not to look at the scoreboard and play as hard as you can play.

Chow and his staff are not happy about the results, but are happy with the effort.  He highlighted some efforts with video showing:

* Geordon Hanohano getting off a block then pursuing a pass catcher 40 yards to assist in the tackle, even beating some DBs to the play;

* Siasau Matagiese gettting off a block to chase down a ball carrier near the sideline to whack him to the turf;

* Boyd Yap getting the Warriors’ lone sack of the day;

* TJ Taumatuia getting out of his assigned blitz to stop the ball carrier on 4th and 2 to turn the ball over; and

* Kamalani Alo getting off of his assigned coverage to catch up to a pass catcher and punch the ball out for aHawaiirecovered fumble.

Chow felt that each position did OK.  He said, “schematically we were OK, we did have the effort, and now we need to play smarter.”  He praised Quarterback Sean Schroeder’s toughness and improvement through the game.  No other significant injuries were reported.

He had Schroeder on designed running plays to create an 11 on 11 scenario for the defense.  Otherwise it is 10 versus 11 since the QB normally hands off or throws the ball so you don’t have defenses assign someone to the QB.

Chow also had the offense show many different formations so teams have to prepare for all of them creating assignment difficulties.

Coach admitted it was hard calling the plays on the field, but he had great support with Tommy Lee in the booth, and even Schroeder making adjustments.  Chow was not used to standing for four hours in a game, and would wait for someone to call timeout until realizing “Hey! I’m supposed to (call timeout).”

Lamar, of Beaumont, Texas, is Hawaii’s next opponent.  Because they have a game Saturday against Prairie View A&M, they are not obligated to send film until after that game.  Chow does know they play an odd front on defense, are getting transfers from colleges like Oklahoma State.

The one that is lacking for Coach Chow is closed practices so opponents do not get a good handle on what we do.  USC coaches had intimate knowledge of factors not ever filmed before, so enemy eyes are everywhere.

Written by Gareth Sakakida