11/30/13 UH vs Army photos

Pictures from Saturday’s Warriors victory over Army.

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11/27/13 Lunch Report

Chow_Norm12_9752“Now is the time when the team needs to feel your support,” said Head Warrior Football Coach Norm Chow before a truly supportive Na Koa meeting crowd.

“I know it is disappointing and frustrating for everyone and your support is needed, not for the coaches, but for those young men.”  No one is more disappointed or frustrated than them.

Although Hawaii is favored in their final game against Army, this holiday shortened week does not make preparing to face the nation’s top rushing team any easier.  Chow also reported that Army will have two weeks off before the game giving them time to dissect every defensive play we employed against Navy.

Army’s defense is also very good with Head Coach Rich Ellerson utilizing a lot of the flex defense concepts Hawaii and Arizona used under Coach Dick Tomey.  Unexpectedly, Army has been more successful defending against the pass than the run.

This week’s schedule will see a scrimmage for the younger players in preparation for next year.  There will be a short practice on Thanksgiving Day, then the local players will head home for Thanksgiving.  Mainland players are invited to the local homes and Chow has opened up his daughter’s home to players as well.  Then again, even he understands “who wants to be with the Head Coach?”

The defensive line is not healthy and is employing a lot of different players.  That is one reason why Wyoming’s quarterback Brett Smith had a lot of success, but Chow also marveled at Smith’s elusiveness and ability to prolong plays.

Asked whether Hawaii will recruit running quarterbacks like Smith, Chow replied that is the current trend.  Some of the QBs on the team have that ability as do potential recruits.

However, Chow also pointed out that NFL teams started utilizing running quarterbacks as well, but those players are not doing as well at this point of the season because NFL teams “have figured out the running quarterbacks.”

The one defensive aspect that shone was punting which resulted in the recovery of two “fumbled” punts (making three in the last two games).  Chow said Special Teams Coach Chris Demarest is a great coach who does NOT coach Scott Harding.  We just let Scott do whatever he does.

On offense, Chow credits Jordan Wyn with helping QB Sean Schroeder to make tremendous strides since the start of the season.  Much like at BYU, Chow’s offense still makes good use of the tight end as Clark Evans is ranked as the number one receiving tight end in the Mountain West Conference.

Chow mused on the players waiting in the wings and declared next spring practice will be very competitive.  Recruiting is going well with about a dozen verbals already.

Written by Gareth Sakakida


11/16/13 UH vs San Diego State photos

Photos from the Warriors overtime loss to the Aztecs from San Diego State.

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