Aloha Rainbow Warrior football fans,

October is off to a great start with our victory over 18th ranked Fresno State on Saturday (2 October), Homecoming weekend. We wish you could have been there to be our “12th man” but your Warriors provided their own energy, creating turnovers and scoring enough points to earn a hard-fought victory under the leadership of freshman quarterback, Brayden Schager. With a bye the second week of this month, we will take time to recuperate and heal as well as prepare for the second half of the season. Some of the coaches and I will also be on the road taking advantage of the bye to continue our recruiting efforts.

We are excited to be working with the ever-generous Don and Marion Murphy and our partners at the Hawaii Bowl Foundation on the 24th Murphy’s Pigskin Pigout. The format was modified to meet current COVID restrictions, but we are glad to be having an event and appreciate the support of the community! Check out the store catalog for any remaining items (

As we head into the second half of the season, we remain focused on winning our conference championship and winning a post-season bowl game. We continue to work on honing our techniques and game plans while striving to improve our speed and strength with workouts. As always, the education of our players remains a top priority. We will be away every other week for the rest of the season and fortunately the last 18 months of hybrid learning has prepared the team well to handle this challenge.

Finally, it’s not too late to renew you Nā Koa membership or join and show your support of your Rainbow Warriors if you haven’t done so. (

Thank you for your continued support!

Take care, stay safe, and Win Every Day!

Todd Graham
Warrior Head Coach