On December 17, 2016, 13 football student-athletes participated in the Fall Commencement exercises capping off a great semester. The Fall 2016 semester GPA was 2.75 – the highest in-season GPA since 2013 – and the cumulative GPA of 2.83 was an increase over spring 2016! Contributing to this performance were 50 student-athletes with a semester GPA of 3.0 or higher (22 with 3.5+); three with all A’s, and seven who just missed the cutoff with one B. There are 117 players on the roster.

In comparison to our conference peers, UH ranks 4th out of 9 schools, based on academic progress rates (APR). Our APR has also continued to climb over the past 10 years. Summer school, supported by a generous grant from the Waterhouse Charitable Trust, has played a major role in the continued improvement of the academic achievement of our student athletes. Summer classes are intensive, condensing a full semester in to six weeks, but our Warrior football team has performed well, achieving a 2.92 GPA in Summer 2016.