Hawaii Offensive Line Coach Chris Naeole was a quick substitute for Defensive Coordinator Legi Suiaunoa and made quick work of the game highlights before a Labor Day Nā Koa full gathering of devoted fans at the Willows.

Although showing highlights of Special Teams, Defense, and Offense THE HIGHLIGHT Coach Chris gave special attention to was Linebacker Coach Sean Duggan’s chest bump with Viane Moala after the defensive tackle blocked a Western Carolina field goal attempt resulting in Duggan being twirled to the carpet dislocating his elbow. After stifling laughter, Coach Naeole solemnly pointed out (with a broad smile) that the elbow is serious enough to require surgery.

Back to the game highlights….of course Special Teams led off with the school record three field goal attempt blocks and produced yet another sideline highlight with Head Coach Nick Rolovich sprinting down the sideline pacing – for about 10 yards – Safety Treyvon Henderson on his way to a TD after picking off the third block which caromed off Meffy Koloamatangi’s chest.

Defensive highlights were a mixed bag of positive and frustrating plays which came mostly against Catamount Quarterback Tyrie Adams who proved quite the magician at times.

Just to be fair, the offensive highlights also had good and not so good plays to show. However, Coach Naeole admitted to picking out the second play of the game when Tackle Dejon Allen blew his man off the line for 12 yards before depositing him onto the turf.

While viewing the highlight of Daniel Lewis’ interception, Naeole wistfully voiced thoughts of Lewis playing running back. He quickly admitted that the defensive coaches would not like that suggestion. Later, commenting on a block by Tui Unga, Naeole revealed visions of Unga playing Offensive Tackle.

Regarding penalties, Naeole explained that running the Run Pass Option (RPO) makes it difficult as the linemen are run blocking first. Then if the timing is not right with the pass, they find themselves downfield too far (3 yards it seems) and getting called for it.

Naeole praised the linemen stating he’s good with physical play as it sets the pace for the game. “I want them to feel invincible every week; I want to get the effort; and I’ll be OK with that” but further added, “It is the pre-snap (false start) penalties that kill me.”

Asked about O linemen Micah Vanterpool (Fr.) and Emil Grave (Jr.), he advised that the plan is to redshirt them. They are getting a good look as scouts going up against the first D plus Naeole makes sure they know he is watching all the time.

As for UCLA’s big comeback victory over Texas A&M, Naeole said it will make it a tougher game so the coaches have to prepare well. Asked about applying additional pressure on the Bruin quarterback, he replied, “then the defensive backs are one on one against good receivers…pick your poison.”