You know that adage, “there’s offensive holding on nearly every play?” Interesting to see that manifest itself in Hawaii’s DEFENSIVE play clips during linebackers coach Sean Duggan talk at the Na Koa meeting on Monday.

To be sure, that was not the intent of the videos. It was just a half dozen good plays and not-so-good plays from the defense’s perspective.

Coach Duggan showed how the D was out-leveraged on a sweep, and how losing eye contact on a tight end for a split second during a fake handoff, both led to big plays. Just a little bit of adjustment and those plays don’t happen.

How a defensive player being blocked out of his gap assignment leads to another trying to plug it and make it right, but leaves the outside open. Like linebacker Jahlani Tavai says on his many TV interviews, “it’s just the little things!”

Asked about being out-physicaled against SDSU, Duggan let out a few long ummmm’s before stating we had more gap issues versus a problem with overall physicality. And the not-so-good videos did evidence the “just missed” nature of the defense’s efforts on big plays.

He said the defense “played physical.” It is hard to reel off so many goal line stand plays, even with help from Dejon Allen of the offense.

We are banged up like mostly everyone else at this point in the season, but Duggan said we have a great team of trainers trying to get everyone back to neutral for the next game.

Duggan was asked about many players and positions, his thoughts follow (many linebackers of course).

Penitito Faalologo (DL) – a fifth year senior who has been through a lot and is rehabbing.

Eperone Moananu (DL) – doing well, becoming more consistent and focused.

Paul Scott (LB) – a freshman who is the real deal.

Ikem Okek (LB) – not in the rotation only because players in front of him are playing good football.

Penei Pavihi (LB) – freshman who was lined up against a TE, but had inside gap responsibility played well, learning to play the game.

Malachi Mageo (LB) – could come back.

Donovan Dalton (LB), Doug Russell (DL), Anthony Mermea (DL) – all freshmen who will be very good.

On UNLV, Duggan said we have to stop the run. The Rebels have three quarterbacks who are good at different things, have a top listed running back and a good receiver.