“Have a consistent message, don’t listen to anybody, and do what you know is right.” That was the advice to Hawaii Head Football Coach Nick Rolovich from former Head Coach June Jones who had a tough sophomore season of his own.

More so, Coach Rolovich thanked the meeting crowd at today’s final Coach’s Luncheon of the season and appreciated the consistent support from Na Koa and its members; the backbone of the football program.

Coach then turned to the screen and showed game highlights which he characterized as “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly – mostly Ugly.”  He showed a few punts that Coach Mayur Chaudhari suggested because he (Chaudhari) probably wanted to show that “not all punts are line drive kicks!”

After the clips, Coach Rolo was asked about the offensive line. He mentioned the OLine coaching job has been posted for a few weeks and wanted that done quickly as a number of JC and high school recruits are pondering offers. He will wait to see what happens this weekend in the college football world and see who is available.

On returnees, Coach Rolo is high on redshirt freshman Micah Vanterpool, freshman Brandon Kipper who has seen spot duty this year, and will see how Fred Ulu Perry heals up. Asotui Eli is a player that other teams talk about.

The defensive line needs a bunch of ends and rushers. During this first mid-year signing Coach feels we could get two linemen and a JC defensive back. The first week of recruiting will be focused on the local scene.

Looking back over the season Coach Rolo felt he did not get to build leaders and character like he wanted. He realizes that each year is a different team with a different mindset, and said “it is hard enough to win when everyone has the same focus and going in the same direction.”

The team was delayed nearly four hours getting home and upon arrival Rolo’s wont is to get home for a couple of hours then head right back to the office. However, he remembered the words of former Head Coach Dick Tomey who said “there will be times when things are tough and you have to go home and be with your family.” So Rolo told the coaches this is 2017…you have the film, study it, and be with your family.

On BYU, someone from the crowd volunteered that the Cougars are on their fifth quarterback of the season and UMass was able to rattle him with pressure. Rolo said we would like to do that…“I wish we harassed more quarterbacks this year.”

He added that it was difficult to explain the significance of the game with his young(er) players. He himself did not realize it until after the game he played on December 8, 2001 when he threw for 8 touchdowns and 543 yards in a 72-45 win over BYU.


Written by Gareth Sakakida