MAHALO to all the participants, donors, and volunteers who helped make the April 13th event a great success. The in-person tournament, held again at the Hawaii Prince Golf Course, featured great food and drinks, fellowship, and the opportunity to meet most of the Warrrior football coaching staff. Here are the final team scores and “place prizes.”

Team Name Team Captain Net Score
Luther Beck Beck, Luther 49.2
Island Insurance Kuioka, Scott 50.4
Pacific Pipe #1 Yoshizawa, Shaun 50.4
B Hayman Kakazu, Al 50.8
HC&D Uno, Aaron 52.0
First Hawaiian Bank #2 Sitar, Greg 52.3
Hawaii Pacific Health -Alii Tong, Claire 52.5
ABM – Steve Choo Choo, Steve 52.8
James Pappas Pappas, Jim 54.5
Blane Kanno Kanno, Blane 54.8
Pualani Kondo Chris Chun 55.2
Kai Hawaii Hayashida, Ken 55.4
Lance Teramoto Teramoto, Lance 55.4
Pacific Pipe #2 Yoshizawa, Steven 56.0
Dara Young Young, Dara 56.7
First Hawaiian Bank #1 Kaaialii, Mitch 56.8
Finance Factors Teruya, Steve 56.9
Outrigger Hotels Dee, Sean 57.0
Clay Asato Asato, Clay 57.6
Ronald NS Ho & Associates Sugai, Sean 58.7
IMG Wang, Paxton 59.4
Luke Hawai‘i Luke, Bryan 59.6
Bryce Kagawa Kagawa, Bryce 60.0
Lucky Hotels  #1 Mekaru, Michael 60.4
RM Towill Tanoue, David 60.5
ESPN Honolulu Apana, Matt 60.8
Gentry Homes Kanoho, Ralph 61.0
Hawktree/Island Movers Tunoa, Chris 61.2
Jay Voss McKee, Don 61.4
Lucky Hotels – #2 Kawazoe, Michael 62.4
Waterhouse Nekota, Cameron 63.6
Inappropriates Harada, Julie 63.8
Albert Kanno Kanno, Albert 65.9
Clay Takara Takara, Clay 68.4


The five lowest and highest net scores were eligible for a random drawing of five special team prizes. Here are the winners:

Team Team Captain
Special Team Prize #1 Waterhouse Nekota, Cameron
Special Team Prize #2 Inappropriates Harada, Julie
Special Team Prize #3 Albert Kanno Kanno, Albert
Special Team Prize #4 Clay Takara Takara, Clayton
Special Team Prize #5 HC&D Uno, Aaron