Welcoming in the new fiscal year…

The Na Koa Board of Directors regularly meet throughout the year but at the first board meeting for FY18 on July 11, after taking care of some business, the board celebrated their fundraising efforts for the previous year with cake and refreshments!

A detailed FY17 budget will be posted soon on the website outlining how much money was raised through memberships, fundraisers, and donations; and how that money was spent.

Bidding ALOHA and MAHALO….

Also celebrated was the end of Eric Fujimoto’s term as President of Na Koa and “steersperson” the last two years. Fujimoto was presented with a koa paddle by Na Koa Executive Director, Kim Fujiuchi, and representing Head Coach Nick Rolovich, Associate Head Coach, Brian Smith.

Na Koa’s President serves in that position for two years and is succeeded by the Vice President who becomes President for the following two years. Succeeding Fujimoto as President is Mitch Kaaialii, a former O Line man (1989-1991) under Head Coach Bob Wagner and currently the VP & Area Manager for First Hawaiian Bank, Mililani Shopping Center.