The result of Na Koa’s “Be a Helmet Sponsor” Campaign resulted in 100 new helmets for the Warrior Football Team which was revealed to the helmet sponsors and the players at the team meeting on Sunday, August 13, 2017.

Head Coach Nick Rolovich addressed the team and explained that they still have the white helmets but will have a second brand new, not just a painted over helmet, to wear this year. He further explained that it was made possible by the folks sitting in the room who, in three weeks time, raised the $45,000 needed to purchase the helmets. Coach expressed that this showed people care about the team – people want to support and because of that, how each student-athlete not only performs on the field but behaves in the community is very important. At that point, the entire room stood and applauded the approximately 40 donors in attendance.

Then came the music and in walked two players in full uniform, donning the new helmet, and holding one helmet so the cheering crowd could get a closer look.

A total of 50 supporters donated either a portion or the full cost of the helmet ($450). Five supporters donated $4,500 for ten helmets and received a helmet for themselves. Two of those donors were at the meeting and were presented with their helmet by the two student-athlete representatives.

Following the helmet reveal, all donors exited the lecture hall and while outside were greeted by the entire team thanking each donor individually. Coach Rolovich then presented all the donors with certificates indicating which player they sponsored (helmets were randomly assigned due to NCAA regulations restricting request of specific players) as well as a thank you note from that player.

MAHALO to all our helmet sponsors for making this a very successful campaign and bringing pride to the team!