With the revival of the “Run and Shoot” offense this season, head coach Nick Rolovich treated the attendees at Na Koa’s first Coach’s Lunch of the season at Willows to a “Run and Shoot Tutorial.”

Rolovich showed diagrams of pass plays and discussed the receiver route adjustments based the different possible coverages as well as the QB reads for each play. Then he showed video cut ups of the plays run during the spring and fall practices critiquing the routes the receivers ran and the QB reads.  Rolovich covered five plays from the playbook and even hinted that a fan favorite play was back in the playbook.  Needless to say, it was great to get a sneak preview of what the offense will be doing this year.

After the video session, Rolovich answered questions, including who will be calling the plays….he will.

The QBs were charted on every throw they made during camp. Cole McDonald, Chevan Cordeiro, and Jeremy Moussa graded out really close to each other.  Rolovich said he feels no one else in the country has a better pair of Freshman QBs.  While not naming the starter, he said he could see a couple of the QBs playing in the Colorado State game.

At the suggestion of new defensive coordinator Corey Batoon, there were practice periods in which two sets of offenses simultaneously ran plays against defenses on different parts of the field effectively doubling the number of reps for both the offense and defense during those periods. This really helped the learning curve for both sides of the ball.

Kicker Ryan Meskell might be the most improved player from last year. Cole McDonald and he were probably the hardest workers in the off season.  Meskell and other specialists have benefited a lot from the addition of the new 10th coach, Mike Ghobrial, who is dedicated strictly to special teams.

O-line depth is much better this year compared to last year. We’re actually three deep!

Coach said more about personnel but we won’t go into details since we want to keep Colorado State in the dark as much as possible!


Written by Mike Lum