In a bit of a Columbus, Georgia twang, Hawai’i Defensive Line Coach Ricky Logo who spoke at today’s Nā Koa Coach’s Lunch beamed about the players he has under his care.

The mood in the locker room after the Nevada game was not what the coaches wanted, but the response to this morning’s challenge of a four game season WITH a bye was accepted. The troubles in the game are fixable…we go back to our roots, be disciplined with our eyes, feet, and hands and carry them out in our schemes said Coach Logo.

If the players did not hurt after the game I would be worried…“I am not” he said.

They are looking at moving around the personnel to get the best 11 players on the field. They have to shut out all the noise (praise and criticism) and just focus and be disciplined, regain the focus that got them here.

Logo explained the defensive shortcomings in the video…arm tackling, tackling high, remaining under control with their footwork. While admitting fatigue plays a role (nine straight games) Logo believes it is mostly losing focus on technique.

And he believes in, and is passionate about, his players. He related being so amazed at how the team travels; how they go through security, through the airport, board the plane, de-plane, get to baggage claim and board the buses with everyone accounted for.

How the players conduct themselves off the field directly reflects their value and reliability on the field. “If you are not on time for class, what makes you think I can trust you on the field?” Logo asks his players.

Logo told Head Coach Nick Rolovich “bring in good people and they will make a good program. How the players act, react, and respond makes me work harder! I will not be satisfied until they get to play in a Bowl and get that ring!” Coach Logo exclaimed.

Coach reported that a defensive lineman was just voted a fifth captain for doing things right. Samiuela Akoteu has the proper focus on education, he coaches the younger players, takes players who are not from the islands to explain our culture.

The best teams Logo has seen in his 23 coaching years are player led and he is starting to see his players coming out of their shells and talking to each other about being accountable.

Logo confessed to being intimidated by the Warriors during past coaching stints. We knew they had a tradition. They were not intimidated by anyone, were physical, and passionate. Hawai’i players are naturally physical so we have to work to control that within our schemes.

Coach Logo and his family love it here. His wife prepares snack bags for his players – maybe they’re getting too big – and he buys them pizza and wings on Thursdays. They started with 50, then 100, then 175. But then we lost the game so maybe he’ll go back to 100! he kidded.

On Fresno State University’s football team, Logo says they have a good running game, an offensive line that sports a 343 lb. (down from 463) offensive lineman, and a quarterback that can run. So the Warriors are working on a package to get their best on the field. Logo said the future is bright and we are ready to go!

Written by Gareth Sakakida